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Buy wholesale camping equipment for affordable outdoor adventure

Buy wholesale camping equipment for affordable outdoor adventure

Group activities are back! Fire up the family camper, call up the weekend warriors, and plan some vacation time. It’s time to get back out there to enjoy nature, spend some quality time away from electronics and work, and just relax.

Buy camping equipment in bulk

If you are planning group camping trips to local state parks, cross-country trips, or even an extended hike, one of the must-have items on your travel list should be durable, affordable, and comfortable sleeping bags. You need something that will keep you warm when it’s chilly but not feel stifling on warm nights. They need to be easy to pack and carry anywhere, and also soft, spacious, and waterproof. Finding a selection of sleeping bags that fits all of these characteristics can be surprisingly difficult. That’s where Bags in Bulk comes in.

a pair of kids feet peeking out from a sleeping bag

Cheap wholesale tents and sleeping bags

Our sleeping bags in bulk come 20 to a pack. Perfect for a family campout under the stars, a group hiking trip, a few weeks away at summer camp, or even a slumber party for your child’s closest pals, our durable and surprisingly cheap sleeping bags are available in standard and envelope sleeping bag styles that are crafted to fit, men, women, and kids comfortably.

Wholesale sleeping bags for summer camping adventures

Both styles measure 71” x 30”, and double perfectly as waterproof, all weather blankets. The envelope sleeping bags come with a protective all-weather hood for rainy days, and both styles are also made to withstand temperatures of approximately 55° - 80°F, which makes them perfect for use in most any climate or season, indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. We even have waterproof sleeping bags and waterproof inflatable pillows for cold, wet weather.

Each style also comes in an assortment of 2-5 colors, so every camper or adventurer can choose the pack they like best. Every sleeping bag is also equipped with an easy-to-pack matching, reusable storage bag with handles that be worn like a backpack and brought anywhere. These lightweight sleeping bags in bulk unroll to a lengthy 6 feet long, but roll up neatly to become so compact that they can easily fit in a suitcase or duffel bag!

Bulk discount sleeping bags for homeless shelters

Whether it’s the adventurous open road with 20 total strangers, or a fun family evening in the backyard under the stars, there is nowhere these sleeping bags cannot go, and no exploit they can’t handle. Ideal for emergencies, parties, campouts, hiking trips, and even donation to great causes, there’s always an occasion to grab a pack of high-quality, cheap sleeping bags to have on hand. You never know when the next adventure might come. Be ready to meet it.

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