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Give Wholesale Fleece Blankets and Spread A Little Love this Winter

Give Wholesale Fleece Blankets and Spread A Little Love this Winter

No matter the weather, when someone returns home after a long day it is always a great feeling to curl up under a soft throw blanket to relax and unwind.

Unfortunately, for the thousands of homeless and displaced persons across the country, this basic comfort is something they can only dream about. Many sleep on hard, soggy cardboard and sharp, jagged pavement, often with little to no protection against the elements or the people passing by. Freezing to death in winter is not uncommon, and the National Coalition for the Homeless reports that up to a staggering 700 homeless individuals freeze to death every year.

Wholesale blankets that have everyone covered

Enjoying the simple comfort of a soft, warm sleeping blanket is a basic right that we at Bags in Bulk believe all human beings deserve access to. We offer a dozen different, unique 24 packs of wholesale cheap cozy throw blankets in a wide assortment of colors, sizes, and patterns. We provide packs that are perfect for every need and every community. Choose from an assortment of blankets in solid colors, bulk plaid blankets in fun color patterns, two mixed color packs, and assorted 30”x40”, 50”x60”, and 60”x90” throw blanket packs available in bulk and individual cartons.

Bulk fleece blankets for charity drives

There are also many joyous occasions for which fleece throw blankets are especially appreciated! Weddings are a prime example. A pack of blankets in bulk for wedding favors comes in particularly handy for older guests, chilly chapels, and just as a souvenir of the couple’s happy day, for everyone “to have and to hold, in case they get cold”. We even have waterproof sleeping bags and waterproof inflatable pillows for cold, wet weather.

During the holiday season, the gift of soft throw blankets is ideal for older relatives who are otherwise difficult to shop for! Choose from different style packs (like blue for Hanukkah, or green and red plaids for Christmas,) different sizes for everything from a cozy bed throw to a couch blanket or knitting chair blanket, and get your choice of blankets from mixed color packs for families where everyone has a very strong opinion on their favorite everything.

Wholesale blankets for animal shelter donations

Even animal shelters benefit greatly from the gift of a pack of soothing wholesale cheap cozy throw blankets! There is always a furry little one who needs a soft, warm, and safe space to sleep every night. Blankets help crated animals feel less afraid in an unfamiliar environment. Donating a pack of security blankets to any animal shelter is the perfect way to help comfort and support the pets that are longing for warmth and comfort.

Fleece blankets wholesale prices for charity

Giving the gift of fleece throw blankets benefits every recipient both now and well into the future. Blankets are a gift that reflects kindness and thoughtfulness, and which are practical, fun, and will always be appreciated. Best of all, at Bags in Bulk our fleece blankets are crafted from 100% hypoallergenic microfiber fleece, which means that children, adults, and pets alike can enjoy their throw blankets without worry about allergies and sensitives.

Throw blankets are the gift that gives back in immeasurable ways. Grab a pack of fleece blankets today for family, friends, holidays, sleepovers, camping, donation, and so much more, and never miss a moment of comfort.

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