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For Unhoused Migrants and Homeless Shelters

For Unhoused Migrants and Homeless Shelters

Every city and town nationwide feels the financial and emotional strain of suddenly facing an influx of those looking for a fresh start, or of rebuilding when its neighbors and community members have been displaced by fire, natural disaster, or loss of income.

Many migrants cross to the US to flee violence, war, and oppression, and as a result often come over with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. It’s tragic and unfortunate, but it also adds increased pressure on local communities with strained resources that have already maxed out their budgets to help their local needs. When compounded with the existing homelessness crisis, it can feel hopeless.

Life-saving Care Kits for homeless shelters and outreach programs

Cities and townships find themselves faced with helping men, women, and children who have no coats for winter, no shampoo, comb, or soaps for basic hygiene, no pillows or blankets to sleep with, and no resources to help them.

As an organization or non-profit dedicated to supporting those in crisis, you have come to the right place. Bags in Bulk provides all of the most affordable, crucial supplies needed to support, uplift, and offer comfort to those marginalized, displaced individuals who deserve the same care as everyone else.

Shop Homeless Care Kits

A better future for every member of our community

Get the most of any budget with countless options and ways to give. Whether it’s a bundle of warm winter coats for foster kids, a set of hygiene supplies for men living on the streets, or a pack of tents and sleeping bags to offer shelter until permanent housing can be found, there are numerous options available to help and protect those in need, at bulk wholesale prices that magnify your impact.


New Jersey National Veterans Committee stuffed 100 backpacks (printed by Bagsinbulk) with toiletries to be given out at Stand Downs  for our homeless veterans in New Jersey.  

J. Gagliano

These backpacks go out to the homeless in our city! Every two weeks we do a food pantry with our church. Your backpacks allow us to provide simple needs to those who are on the streets!

Patricia B.

Bags pack with donations and ready to be delivered to the homeless in NY city. Bags and contents were donated by the residents of Boonton, NJ

P. Griffin