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For Schools, Teachers and Educators

For Schools, Teachers and Educators

Whatever role you play in supporting and promoting education in your district, Bags in Bulk is here to support you. Are you the person who puts the “pal” in principal for your students? Maybe you’re a teacher reaching into your own pockets to ensure that your classroom has the best materials for a unique art project, a major math lesson, or an historical reenactment your students will never forget.

Our Commitment to Education

Having access to the right school supplies helps achieve not only your goals for students, but their goals for themselves, too. Bags in Bulk is here to help you stretch ever dollar further, for the greatest positive impact.

No one knows the exact needs of your school district and students better than you, so when your kids and staff want to glue it, stretch it, cut it, color it, and bring it home to show their families, you can find everything you need here, at bulk wholesale prices, so all students can create the memorable pieces that their families will love to hang on the refrigerator.

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The Most Trusted Name in Wholesale

Bags in Bulk offers not only pre-assembled school supply kits for everyday needs, but also the crafting, writing, and organizational supplies teachers and administrators need all year long. There’s even a fun assortment of toys and games that are perfect as student rewards for good grades, following classroom rules, modeling good behavior, fidgeting relief, and for parties and celebrations. Grant your own wish list this year, and let us help make every new lesson a memorable and colorful one.


El Mundo Newspaper is a community paper for Austin, Texas for the past 9 years we been celebrating the Back to School Festival. Our goal is to reach out to the less privileged families and provide them with health services for a healthier and more informative community. During the event, we provided FREE health screenings, hearing and speech testing, dental check-ups, eye vision revisions and certificates for free eyeglasses, car seats, backpacks, school supplies. The fun is also part of the event with face painting, clowns, giveaways and raffles. We are looking forward to offering more and more services and backpacks every year since everything offered at the festival is FREE.

A Angulo

This is our 4th year doing this event, it's our 3rd year purchasing bags and supplies from you. As you can see along with backpacks filled with supplies, we also give out tote bags with supplies. This event happens in a small island in the Caribbean, where the help is very much needed. We hope to continue doing this for many years to come. We have several order numbers because orders were place my myself and others... order # 17645, 9213 and 3464. If you need the other order numbers you can get those also. This year we were able to give over 400 children supplies. Photos and videos are also available on our foundation page, TCW foundation. Thank you in advance

T Williams

This is Camp H.Y.P.E. -Helping Young People Excel. Our camp partners with local organizations to meet the needs of our community through training, activities, services, etc. This year was our first summer inclusive camp for children with special abilities. As you can see, we had some smiling faces. We were able to provide backpacks for our 75 children. Next year, we are hoping to do even more. Looking forward to next year! Making a difference in the lives of others, one backpack at a time! 😃

P. Simpson