Mission Statement

Bags in Bulk was founded over a decade ago to address a very real need in our communities to supply quintessential items to men, women, and children. Many basic essentials people often take for granted we strongly feel should be accessible to everyone, but all too often simply aren’t.

With this obvious need in mind, we set out to be a helper to the helpers. Our mission from day one has been to provide charities, non-profits, and incredibly caring, philanthropic individuals seeking to help those in need with the highest quality products at the most competitive, lowest prices anywhere.

One of our primary focuses has always been on the countless schools and districts nationwide whose students and teachers find themselves in need, year after year, of backpacks, school supplies, and basic educational essentials. Many of them face a very large accessibility gap that has prevented them from having the items they need to succeed. Bags in Bulk works tirelessly to lessen that gap, so that no district or child ever needs to go without the supplies they need to either provide or receive a superior education.

Since beginning on this amazing journey, our mission has also expanded to include the products and apparel items in bulk most requested by homeless shelters and relief organizations nationwide so that individuals and charities everywhere can reach the greatest number of persons, and address the greatest number of needs. We have been honored by so many of the stories we’ve heard and the clients we’ve worked with, and we are tremendously grateful for the amazing work you’ve let us be a part of. Thank you all for welcoming us into your homes and communities.