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For Nonprofits, Charity, and Churches

For Nonprofits, Charity, and Churches

Back to school should always be a joyful occasion, with excitement about the future! However, not every family and district can afford the supplies their kids need to succeed, and that’s why selfless organizations like yours are at the forefront of the mission to make back to school successful, accessible, and equitable for everyone. Bags in Bulk is here to help you meet a need that grows right along with the students you serve.

Tax-free purchases for qualifying organizations

Bags in Bulk knows that the funds raised by your organization are vital to supporting this mission, and we’re dedicated to seeing that your outreach efforts stretch as far and wide as possible.

To that end, we offer a wide variety of school backpacks for all ages, from preschool and kindergarten colorful assortments to middle school and high school styles that offer unique patterns and significant features older students need. There’s always something for everyone. It’s also important to remember that along with backpacks, there’s still a need for all types of school supplies to fill them, and of course reusable lunch bags so students have what they need come lunch time.

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Our commitment to the community

Not every classroom needs every item, but all classrooms need at least some items that they cannot acquire without help. Bags in Bulk specializes in offering school supply bundles in both ready-made, back-to-school student essentials packs, and also individual school supply items in bulk including pens, crayons, markers, glue, folders, and notebooks. Fulfill a customized list for a local district this year, or provide an entire grade with the supplies pack they will love. The options and possibilities are endless.
Bags in Bulk helps you check off every item on a hopeful student’s wish list, so you get the most out of every donation drive and budget.


Thank you for providing the best prices for backpacks. Every year the day after Thanksgiving we head down to downtown Los Angeles to pass out hygiene filled backpacks to the homeless population. This picture is of our children volunteers packing the hygiene backpacks for our unhoused neighbors. We delivered over 1000 backpacks to children, women and men living on the streets. Backpack Friday is all about unselfish giving to those who need it most.

C. Davis

Thanks to the great prices at Bags In Bulk this year, we are working towards meeting our yearly goal of 1000 and provided over 100 children in the community of Baltimore , MD with backpacks and school supplies. The children LOVED all the different colors and designs. They were able to pick from allowing them to get a bag that fit their unique personality (age, sex, etc). And the parents RAVED about the quality of the bags; something that will last them all year!
Thank you for your speedy delivery and quality service!!!

K. Fadairo

Thanks to great pricing and speedy delivery, we have delivered 150 of your bags this year and just ordered 200 more. The bags are for children in Foster Care, Homeless, and Victims of Domestic Violence. We place a blanket, stuffed animal, story book, hygiene products, a pillowcase, hat, gloves, socks, journal, and coloring book with crayons and colored pencils. We have received high praise from our recipients on the quality of our Blessings Bags. Piper’s Project is located in Linn Valley, Kansas. We are blessed to serve in Missouri and Kansas.

P. Murray