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wholesale backpacks

Wholesale Backpacks: The Best Selection At The Lowest Prices

What is fun, brightly colorful, functional, durable, and perfect for all ages? No, this isn’t a knock-knock joke; it’s Bags in Bulk wholesale backpacks! The top-of-the-line, strongest, most unique, and longest-lasting cheap backpacks (in price but never quality) are here.  

Here at Bags in Bulk, there’s a wholesale backpack, bookbag, knapsack, rucksack, or daybag for every taste and need, every age and grade, and every school requirement! No student should ever have to go without this most basic of back to school essentials, the humble bag with a 1001 uses, the backpack.

Wholesale backpacks for every student

Here at Bags in bulk we believe that a child’s backpack should be as fun-loving and full of imagination as the child who wears it. This is why our extensive collection of wholesale backpacks include exciting bright color patterns and an amusing assortment of magical creatures and characters which dance, fly, frolic, play, and pounce across every kids’ backpack.

Our wholesale backpacks collection features backpacks for all different age groups, from pre-k and kindergarten, through elementary, high school, and even backpacks for adults. 

Wholesale kids backpacks 

Every child has a favorite animal (real or imaginary), a picturesque scene that makes them happy, or a hobby that they want to show off to their friends and teachers. Now, they can, every day, at school.

Our wholesale backpack collections offer everything from velvet flowers and polka dots to sunny rainbows, dancing dinosaurs, majestic unicorns, partying llamas, snarky sharks, and even alien spaceships complete with astronaut abductions.

School Compliance and Safety Backpacks

Perhaps even more importantly than how cute and playful these backpacks are, is the fact that there is also a huge assortment of school security-compliant backpacks that come with amazing safety features!

Wholesale clear backpacks

Our wholesale clear backpacks offer pop color trim that is appealing to all kids, and makes mandatory clear backpack requirements fun and fresh, while still staying within full school compliance guidelines. Bulk clear backpacks are also popular for retail and hospitality employers, and high security environments. We even stock wholesale clear mini-backpacks that are cute, stylish, and made from durable materials. 

Wholesale mesh backpacks

Our wholesale mesh backpacks for boys and girls are perfectly transparent but offer full compartment access to books, folders, and notebooks, front pockets for accessories, and come in every color in the rainbow (plus some extras!) A few select styles are even equipped with a reflective front patch that helps every wearer be seen in any lighting.

Wholesale backpacks, bulk school supplies and more

We here at Bags in bulk are committed to offering the best in quality, cheap backpacks nationwide so that every organization, every school, and every student can access the bag they need to carry their homework, essentials, electronics, gym clothes, and after school items everywhere they need, all year long.

Every student needs a backpack, and every backpack assortment donated offers a student the chance to reach their full academic potential. Together, we can supply every child in every district with everything they need to succeed this year and beyond.

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