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Clear & Mesh Backpacks

Shop our selection of affordable wholesale clear backpacks and mesh backpacks that are perfect for retail employees, high-security environments, or aquatic outdoor adventures. The open weave mesh allows easy visual access without sacrificing durability or quality. Mesh bags are especially popular with youth groups, summer camps, and amusement park staffers, swimming pool and water park staff, campus life, laundry, and more.

Wholesale clear & mesh backpacks: style, safety and security

Clear and mesh backpacks are perfect for any situation where security and safety are the top priority. Whether you're equipping retail employees and staff members, or shopping for a school district, classroom, or educational facility, clear backpacks are a stylish and safer alternative to traditional backpacks. Mesh backpacks are a popular choice for outdoor adventuring, waterpark and swimming pool staff, campus laundry, and more. Made from high-quality polyester and PVC, our wholesale clear backpacks and wholesale mesh bags and backpacks are the best you'll find.