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Reusable Shopping Bags are the Environmentally Smart Choice

Reusable Shopping Bags are the Environmentally Smart Choice

How reusable totes and biodegradable paper shopping bags can help the environment

The sheer amount of single-use plastic bags cluttering up garbage dumps, polluting our streets, and killing wildlife on land and sea is almost incalculable. Just 1 plastic bag by itself takes around 1,000 years to fully degrade in a landfill. It’s so unbelievable a number that it’s difficult to even comprehend.

This holiday season (and beyond), Bags in Bulk is leading the charge to provide sustainable paper shopping bags and reusable tote bags to businesses and consumers across the country. Our bags are crafted to be durable, and every pack offers a range of sizes, colors, and styles for every need and household.

Reusable Shopping Bags Are Ideal for Families and Small Businesses

A purchase of reusable grocery bags for your business provides your customers with sturdy, reliable bags that are overwhelmingly a cheaper option to flimsy plastic, which needs to be doubled or even tripled for each customer’s groceries and other items. These bags carry more per bag, are far more durable, and are definitely more tasteful and eco-conscious than flimsy plastics.

More importantly, in certain states where single-use plastics have been outlawed, these bags are not only useful, but necessary! Perfect for boutiques, shops, and stores, reusable shopping bags bulk packs ensure that customers will always have a bag available for purchase should they forget to bring their own, much to any business’s advantage.

Families, for their part, (and especially larger families,) can also proactively choose to cut costs and save a hassle by keeping packs of reusable grocery bags and tote bags on hand for every shopping trip.

Cloth and Paper Bags Are Often Used for Gifting and Events

Reusable shopping bags bulk sets are a great item to have on hand for office events and giveaways, and also as an alternative to single-use wrapping paper for birthdays and holidays! Stylish, practical, and reusable, there are now dozens of videos on the internet that demonstrate how to utilize these bags for presentably wrapping everything from bottles of wine to jewelry boxes and toys for children in creative, sustainable ways. Children can even utilize the bags for storing their toys!

There are Nearly Endless Uses for Reusable Bags

From gifting and shopping to storing toys and household products, the continued use and lifecycle of a reusable bag is nearly endless, as are its benefits to the ecosystem. The next time your business or family are thinking of shopping or providing a shopping experience to others, turn to Bags in Bulk to provide the latest in high-quality, multi-use bags that save time, money, hassle, and the planet.

Outside the US? No problem! Bags in Bulk has locations across the globe. North America, check out Bags in Bulk Canada for the best wholesale prices around. Or if you're in Europe, Bags in Bulk UK is your best bet for wholesale and bulk merchandise shipped anywhere in Europe. 

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