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The Case for Wholesale Drawstring Backpacks and Why We Love Them

The Case for Wholesale Drawstring Backpacks and Why We Love Them

Sporting events, school, travel, concerts, and more often require a bag or backpack to carry your essentials. It needs to be large enough to contain all you need conveniently, but not bulky or uncomfortable. That’s where drawstring bags come in!

Drawstring Bags in Bulk are Ideal for Any Need or Group

The perfect portable backpack, it’s perfect for use by children, teens, and adults. Super lightweight, its straps adjust perfectly to accommodate both the user and the bag’s contents. 

Bags in Bulk is your premier destination for wholesale drawstring backpacks, as well as the school supplies kids need to fill them! Shopping for sports teams, giveaways, or for adults or teens in need? Each drawstring backpack bulk pack comes with 24 backpacks in solid colors, assorted colors, and there are even styles with pockets, so there’s a perfect pack for every need, age, and organization.

Bulk string bags are the perfect accessory for camping, hiking, sports and adventure

One of the best and often overlooked benefits of drawstring backpacks is that they are waterproof! This is perfect for adults who are displaced or homeless and live outside, as well as for children walking to school, for use at outdoor sporting events, the beach, and other similar venues. Protect your bag’s contents from pool or ocean spritzes, rain, or snow, and never worry about your electronics or books stored inside. 

bulk string bags

Drawstring bookbags are also highly durable! Crafted from 210 Denier polyester with strong, reinforced braided cord straps, each bag is meant to be used over and over again and can really take a beating, whether by the child that loves it at school or the adult that needs it to keep their most important possessions with them in any setting. 

The internet's best deals on wholesale string bags and drawstring backpacks in bulk

A purchase of any drawstring backpack bulk pack ensures that a group of people are helped, whether it’s children who desperately need a reliable backpack for school, kids and teens in foster care who need to carry their items safely from place to place, homeless and displaced adults who need a bag to carry the few possessions they have, or even your local sports team so that they never miss a game and always have just what they need with them at all times. At the end of the day, it’s never been easier to help so many people with just one thoughtful gift.

Bags in Bulk is the #1 supplier for wholesale drawstring backpacks and string bags

Shopping outside the US? No problem! Visit our international sites and benefit from free shipping on orders over $50 (restrictions may apply)

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