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Reusable Bags: A Stylish and Practical Renewable Resource

Reusable Bags: A Stylish and Practical Renewable Resource

Across the nation and around the globe thousands of protesters are calling for sustainable practices, as well as a push toward an eco-friendlier world. Their sentiments echo the dawning realization for many that there is only one Earth, and, at the planet’s current rate of resource consumption, it won’t be able to sustain itself much longer.

Doing our part to reduce carbon footprints

At Bags in Bulk, we believe in doing our part to help reduce our carbon footprints and help people live more sustainably. Ridding the planet, or at least our communities, of single-use plastic shopping bags is a huge part of this effort for us. California and New York states have already passed ordinances banning one-time-use plastic bags, and we can only hope other states will catch on in due time.

It’s not hard to see that there’s plastic everywhere around us; it’s in trees, tangled in birds’ nests, lining the sides of city streets and urban landscapes, clogging up community parks, and choking wildlife in our oceans. Single-use plastics have become a serious concern, and we believe one of the simplest solutions to it is to make the switch to multi-use, reusable tote bags for every-day use.

About Reusable Shopping Bags

Our wholesale reusable tote bags are lightweight, colorful, and available in a variety of styles and patterns. More importantly, they can be used again and again for almost anything. They’re perfect for grocery shopping, storing produce, trips to the farmer’s market, for packing a lunch, transporting party and picnic supplies, keeping a household organized, for trips to the beach, and, really, for just about anything else you can think of. 

A Small Change Makes A Big Difference

These wholesale tote bags are great for gifting to any organization or charity, too. Healthier living begins at home, and companies and individuals alike can benefit greatly from these incredibly useful alternatives to plastic. Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill, and leave behind toxic chemicals and pollutants as they do. These can seep into the water table, which then further harms the environment and our communities.

Plastic bags are also unnecessarily wasteful as it takes the same amount of petroleum to drive one mile in a car as it takes to make just six plastic bags! Plastic bags are also rarely recycled, because of incredibly high costs. It costs nearly $5,000 to recycle just one ton of plastic bags, which is a large part of why most plastic bags are never recycled, ending up instead in oceans and parks.

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