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Our offices & fulfillment centers will be closed on 4/23 to 4/24. All orders will be processed and shipped on 4/25!
Our offices & fulfillment centers will be closed on 4/23 to 4/24. All orders will be processed and shipped on 4/25!
Maintain Community Wellness with Bulk Hygiene Kits

Maintain Community Wellness with Bulk Hygiene Kits

Give the Gift of Health & Hygiene

Recent events in our world have driven home the importance of, as well as the difficulties faced by some in maintaining, good health and hygiene practices. We all are very aware of the critical importance of hand washing in preventing the spread of germs and pathogens, but there are dozens of other basic, simple things we don’t give much thought to, but which are just as important.

We wash our hair and our clothes, keep our nails maintained, brush our teeth, change our socks, wear a raincoat or use an umbrella in the rain, and nearly always have access to soap when we need it. Homeless and displaced peoples cannot always say the same, however, and are a large segment of every community nationwide. Let that sink in for a moment. According to a recent report by the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, there isn’t a single state in the entire country without at least 1,000 homeless persons, including both individuals and family groups of men, women, and children.  That is a staggering statistic, and a horrifying number of people who don’t have access to a permanent shelter, let alone to essential personal hygiene products needed to stay healthy.

Bags in Bulk has been at the forefront of this crisis, and we are proud to be a premier source of bulk hygiene kits on the internet, serving communities nationwide and shipping supplies directly to their doorsteps.

What Can I Do To Help?

Maybe you’re part of a nonprofit organization or community group dedicated to helping those less fortunate, or perhaps you’re just a wonderful person with a big heart who wants to help. The easiest and best thing you can do is donate! Donation is the first step in helping those who cannot at this time, for any number of reasons or hardships, help themselves.

Every community and every state’s homeless populations have different needs. This is why we are proud to offer an extensive variety of wholesale hygiene products and kits that encompass everything from a simple toothbrush, toothpaste, and body soap to backpack sets with blankets, hygiene kits, rain ponchos, masks, socks, winter gloves, hats, and more. Our extensive variety of personal hygiene products and accessory sets are meant to help those who need to carry everything with them from place to place outdoors, those who have lost everything in a natural disaster, and those who just need a little help with some of the basics right now until they get back on their feet.

There are even packs of hygiene and toiletry kits specially made for teen girls and women, which address the specific feminine health needs not often addressed by the standard bulk hygiene kits most often distributed to the less fortunate. These kits contain pads, liners, soaps, lotions, and other personal care items that are tailored to the health-specific needs of females everywhere.

Health & Help Don’t Have to Be Complicated

There are dozens of options and ways to offer the help needed to those who most need it. Providing others with the gift of a simple pack of toiletries and clothing is one of the best of them. Staying clean and dry helps a person prevent illness, feel good about themselves, ace an interview and land the job needed to get back on their feet, and overall it promotes wellness in all aspects of their lives and community.

Best of all, there’s absolutely no easier way to start helping out a neighbor or local shelter (homeless, men’s, or women’s) than with the gift that shows you care. A donation of wholesale hygiene products can make a tremendous impact on the lives of men, women, teenagers, and even children, allowing them to focus on school, work, and more important things than the struggle of wondering how or where they might next wash their hands, change their clothes, and stay warm. Entire family groups can be easily supplied with the products they need to stay strong and healthy for months to come, and that in turn can empower entire communities, enriching the lives of all around them.

Let’s bring in the new year on a high note and work together to help our communities stay healthy and strong. Let’s support one another by giving the gift of health and hygiene today.  

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