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Our offices & fulfillment centers will be closed on 6/12 to 6/13. All orders will be processed and shipped on 6/14!
Our offices & fulfillment centers will be closed on 6/12 to 6/13. All orders will be processed and shipped on 6/14!
drawstring bags in bulk/ wholesale backpacks

From Camp to the Beach, Drawstring Bags Will Get Your Through the Summer

If you think wholesale backpacks are big in the winter, it’s time to think again. The summer months see a spike in drawstring bags in bulk because of their versatility, lightweight design, and simplicity. Whether you’re going to the beach or a planning a day trip you can ensure each member of the family is equipped with their own drawstring bag for all the supplies they’ll need during the day. At Bags in Bulk we want our customers to get the best in bulk drawstring bags, so we’ve compiled a list the many uses of this ultra-versatile product.

Wholesale Backpacks for Camp

Arguably one of the most crucial aspects of sending your child to camp is ensuring they have a proper backpack and camp directors can be lifesavers to those parents who forget. Camp is all about camaraderie and friendship, therefore consider ordering matching bulk drawstring bags to distribute to your campers. Because of the simple design and flat surface, it’ll be easy to emboss your camp logo onto the front to promote camp spirit. This way every camper will have a place to put towels, water bottles, and snacks without feeling excluded if their backpack is old or a hand-me-down.

Wholesale Backpacks for the Beach:

Unlike heavy canvas backpacks, drawstring bags aren’t such a mess to clean up when they get tossed into the ocean. Therefore, many parents will opt to use bulk drawstring bags to pack their children for the beach. Give them some independence by allowing them to organize any snacks or activities they’d like to bring along. These bags aren’t as complicated for younger users and gives them a boost of confidence in their ability to plan and organize themselves.

Wholesale Backpacks for a Trip

Many institutions and schools opt to organize group trips over the summer, whether they be religiously affiliated, or humanitarian based, these trips are wildly successful. You can increase the appeal by offering matching merchandise, whether it be sweatshirts or socks. We find that ordering bulk drawstring bags is a great way to pique people’s interest and add to the comradery of the group. Don’t be afraid to get creative and create a logo or design to include on the front or side of the bag. Even after the trip is done people will continue to wear the merchandise and will act as living marketing tools for future trips and programs.

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