Safe Keeping for Safe Sleeping – The Incredible Impact of Providing Sleeping Bags to Those in Need

Safe Keeping for Safe Sleeping – The Incredible Impact of Providing Sleeping Bags to Those in Need

A Bed When You Have None

If you’ve ever gone camping or even just experienced a childhood slumber party, chances are you’ve slept in a sleeping bag. Even if you haven’t, the premise is simple enough – you zip yourself inside for a safe and warm place to sleep for the night. It’s not the same as sleeping in your own bed, but it is a nice, soft, and comfortable alternative when needed.

Sometimes, that need is greater than we may realize. Imagine that you suddenly don’t have a bed, or even a home, to return to at night. You still have to sleep, but it’s cold, the ground is hard, you’re afraid, and you don’t even have a blanket. This very real scenario is a horrible and harsh reality for too many people nationwide.

Bags in Bulk believes that a safe and warm place to sleep at night is a basic human need that should always be met.

Making a Real Difference

This is why we are proudly offering a vast selection of high quality, cheap sleeping bags, including wholesale sleeping bags for homeless and displaced persons. It has never been easier to help others in need.

Our durable and affordable cheap sleeping bags are available in standard and envelope sleeping bag styles that are made to fit, men, women, and kids alike. Both styles measure 71” x 30”, and double perfectly as waterproof, all weather blankets. The envelope sleeping bags come with a protective all-weather hood, and both styles are also crafted to withstand temperatures of approximately 60° - 80°F, which makes them perfect for use in any climate or season, indoors or outdoors.

A Greater Gift

With 20 sleeping bags to every pack, providing the gift of wholesale sleeping bags for homeless shelters, displaced persons, and/or disaster relief organizations can make an entire world of difference to the very real people and families whose lives will be touched.

Moreover, giving the gift of a warm place to sleep at night that’s safe from rain, snow, cold, and hard or sharp ground is impactful beyond measure. It provides hope, peace, comfort, and a sense of security to people whose very lives have been turned upside down and who, in many cases, feel forgotten by their communities. Getting back on their feet often begins with a good night’s sleep and a better tomorrow, and who doesn’t deserve that? Give the gift of comfort today, and rest assured that everyone in your community will sleep a little better.

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