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Homeless Care Kits: the Best Things to Donate to Shelters and People in Need

Homeless Care Kits: the Best Things to Donate to Shelters and People in Need

When you’re looking to engage in acts of charity and philanthropy for some of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities, look no further than the convenient care kits Bags in Bulk has created just for this very purpose! Life on the streets is difficult enough for the thousands of displaced and homeless individuals who are struggling to get by, but when the seasons change and it becomes much hotter or much colder, it becomes critical to provide assistance. 

Blessing Bags for Homeless Created With Real Needs in Mind

Bags in Bulk has assembled over a dozen homeless hygiene kits for men, women, and teens which cater to every need from shaving to hair care, oral care, outdoor needs in winter, outdoor needs in summer,  and even feminine-specific hygiene products including maxi pads and liners. 

assorted hygiene supplies included in our homeless care kits

Whether you want to provide pre-assembled homeless hygiene kits with everything already put together for you, or just grab a few packs of the most commonly sought-after items and create your own blessing bags for homeless needs that are specific to your community, your options are endless, the items are high-quality, and the prices provide the best value around.

Hygiene packs and care kits for all kinds of survival needs

Many homeless individuals are free-roaming, and need to be able to pick up all that they own and go at a single moment’s notice. Yet many others establish communities and encampments and remain technically homeless for years. Providing sustainable solutions to help both groups is crucial, as while some people only require some supplies for a short while until they can get back on their feet, those who have made the streets their permanent homes may need a different type of assistance entirely. 

items included in our homeless care kits
Providing homeless hygiene kits that include rain coats, gloves, and other assorted clothing items along with a backpack to carry it all in can help both groups in immeasurable ways. Blankets, protection against the weather,  and a reliable way to store and carry all of their health care and personal possessions is a game-changer, and can allow for both more freedom of movement and personal stability, as well as just providing peace of mind. 

Whatever You Do Will Have an Impact

Explore Bags in Bulk to find everything you need to craft your own health and wellness kits. We encourage you to build your own winter care kit, or explore our new items like the wholesale waterproof cold weather sleeping bag and wholesale inflatable pillows that are perfect for emergencies, travel, camping, or for our homeless brothers and sisters. 

-- Bags in Bulk



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