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Blue Poly Tarps

These high quality wholesale tarps make the perfect emergency shelter, making them one of our most popular donated items. Wholesale tarps from Bags in Bulk are also great for small businesses like independent contractors, painters, and other trades. If you need a high quality PVC tarp that keeps out the elements and protects surfaces, you're in the right place. Shop Bags in Bulk for the best deals on wholesale tarps for every job, big and small.

Wholesale Tarps for Emergency Shelter, Storage, Construction and more

Our blue poly tarps are made with a five-layer, ripstop construction and UV inhibitors to keep the sun from breaking down the tarp fabric. We only source tarps from trusted suppliers, so you can be sure that what you're getting is of premium quality. Get your order in now and take advantage of our low wholesale prices on these versatile waterproof tarps. We know you've got a lot to cover – get the job done right with Bags in Bulk!