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Homeless Care Kits & Toiletries

Bags in Bulk is the internet's leading wholesale supplier for bulk toiletries, homeless hygiene care kits, and first aid products. Made from the same ingredients found in name brand items for 1/20th of retail price, our wholesale hygiene products are perfect for community organizations, outreach groups, families, church groups, homeless shelters, university dorms, youth hostels and more. 

Wholesale hygiene supplies for summer camps, institutions, shelters and nonprofits

Shop our selection of wholesale toiletries and hygiene supplies for the internet's lowest prices, plus free shipping on orders over $50. These wholesale hygiene supplies are a favorite for donating to shelters and non-profits, or to supply schools, summer camps, and institutional facilities. These wholesale toiletries are also perfect for camping, survivalists, disaster preparedness, or anywhere that hygiene supplies are needed.

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