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Crayons is the most cost-effective way to fully stock your classroom! Best of all, all of our bulk school supplies ship for FREE! If you're looking to get all of your school supplies in a bundle, check out our school supply kits. Cheap bulk school supplies are hard to find, but not at Bags In Bulk! We sell wholesale school supplies such as rulers, glue sticks, sharpeners, crayons, folders, highlighters, pencils, pencil cases, pens, and notebooks. 



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    Trailmaker Crayons 10-Pack

    Item: #SS7309

    You’re never too old to enjoy a fresh pack of crayons! Whether you are coloring in a coloring book or freehanding a masterpiece of your own design,...

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    Crayons 20-Pack

    Item: #SS7337

    This pack of crayons is a kaleidoscope of colors. From pinks and purples, to yellows and oranges, to blues and greens, to neutral colors, there is ...

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    Crayons 5-Pack

    Item: #SS7310

    Crayons often see a lot of use by artists and students alike. The basic colors in our wholesale 5 pack of crayons allow for multiple color combinat...

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