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Our offices & fulfillment centers will be closed on 4/23 to 4/24. All orders will be processed and shipped on 4/25!
Our offices & fulfillment centers will be closed on 4/23 to 4/24. All orders will be processed and shipped on 4/25!
These wholesale cooler lunch bags are perfect for school and work

These wholesale cooler lunch bags are perfect for school and work

Whether you’re an adult working a traditional 8 hour shift, a service worker with much longer days, or a student in school, there is one experience we all have in common every day: we love lunch time! Lunch time is the one time when we can all take a break from the stress and demands of the day and enjoy a healthy, flavorful lunch, packed with all the foods, snacks, and beverages we crave to make the rest of our day a little easier.

Bulk cooler bags for school and work

Nobody can think clearly when they’re hungry, much less actively participate in a group activity or adequately take an exam of any kind. As adults, the choices for how we want to experience lunch are fairly diverse and usually pretty much at our own disposal. For children, they can either buy their lunch at school, which is something many students can’t afford to do every day, or they can bring a lunch!

Wholesale reusable lunch bags for giveaways

Bringing a lunch not only helps mitigate cost concerns for students, but it also ensures that they are more likely to receive a nutritious and fulfilling meal than what their cafeterias are serving (not always, but often)! Unfortunately, paper bags rip after one use and can be an expense families can’t afford every week, and plastic is just bad for the environment.

Reusable student lunch bags are always the best way to go, but they can take a real beating year to year, shoved in backpacks, hung on chairs and in lockers, and smushed under arms. When the new school year comes around, many are tattered, zippers are broken, and they have lost their usefulness.

Bulk discounts on reusable cooler bags

Numerous students and families then find themselves in need of an item they simply can’t afford, but which is an absolute necessity to keep food organized, at the proper temperature, and easily accessible at meal times. A back to school donation of bulk lunch bags or wholesale cooler bags ensures that students from kindergarten to high school have a reliable, food-safe way to bring their lunch, beverages, and snacks to and from school every day, and can help prevent food insecurity.

Wholesale insulated lunch bags

At Bags in Bulk, our wholesale cooler bags and lunch bags come in an unparalleled variety of sizes, shapes, colorful patterns, and capacities that are perfect for any age group for school, sports, cookouts, camping trips, and more. Many of our bulk lunch bags perfectly match our student backpack bundles, providing fun sets that are harder to misplace, and which kids can show off to their friends. Many others also have adjustable shoulder straps as well as carry handles, clasps to attach the bag to a backpack for hands-free carry, and many can coolers even feature pockets for utensils and condiments. Most importantly, all are insulated with PEVA, a PVC-free, phthalate-free, chlorine-free science-based non-toxic vinyl proven to keep food at its desired temperature!

Wholesale discount cooler lunch bags

All students deserve to have a fun, convenient, soft sided lunch box or cooler bag that lets them bring lunch to class and field trips, bring special snacks to class parties, and more. A simple but often overlooked item, lunch bags are highly in demand in districts nationwide. Where backpacks are needed and loved, lunch bags are too, and in equal measure. Grab a set of affordable lunch or cooler bags for your local district, and watch students’ eyes light up as they choose the colors and patterns that they can’t wait to bring to school.

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