The Best Deals on Bulk Men’s and Women’s Flip Flops for Any Occasion

The Best Deals on Bulk Men’s and Women’s Flip Flops for Any Occasion

Most of us spend the majority of our time on our feet every day, but comfortable footwear is still not something we think about until we don’t have it. After hours spent in work shoes, heels,  and even sneakers, sometimes your feet just need to breathe, take soft, squishy steps, and relax as much as the rest of you.

Cheap wholesale flip flops for giveaways and swag bags

Whether you run a hostel or Air BNB, your own home is in need of house shoes for guests, you are planning a beautiful beach party, are an employer who wants to treat an office full of employees to comfortable footwear for around the office, or just someone looking to give a donation to a homeless shelter, there are a surprisingly great many uses and needs for wholesale flip flops in bulk. 

Wholesale flip flops for beach wedding guests

By far the most common need for bulk flip flops is also arguably the best one; it’s weddings! Bulk flip flops for wedding guests and ceremonies are a sweet treat for tired feet that have tons of dancing and celebrating left to do! Perfect for both traditional and destination weddings, providing multiple sizes and coordinating colors to your guests offers a fun and eco-friendly, reusable wedding favor everyone will love and remember.

Bulk flip flops in wedding colors

At Bags in Bulk, we have an extensive variety of colors and size packs for men, women, and teenagers so that there’s sure to be something for every wedding’s color theme, every picky guest, and every foot! Women’s sizes run from Small (6-7) to Large (9-10) and come in solid white (which is perfect not only for guests but for the bride herself), black, gold, tri-color solids, tri-color tropical florals, and tri-color tropical stripes, ensuring that there is a perfect pair for every bridesmaid and attendee whether the wedding is local or destination.

Wholesale footwear at discount prices

For the groom, best men, and male guests, they can choose from solid black, grey, blue, or tri-color solids packs, and sizes run from Small (7-8) to Extra Large (13-14), so there’s never any foot too big to enjoy soft, squishy comfort while dancing on everything from sand to marble dance floors.

At the end of the celebration, guests can take home their flip flops for comfort and use them again and again, and the bride and groom can keep or donate any unused pairs to charity, so that they can make their big day about helping others, too.

Wholesale shower shoes for homeless charities

Whether it’s a large wedding party, a local hospital, a homeless shelter, or just a clever and affordable way to keep a steady supply of house shoes on hand for guests, wholesale flip flops in bulk come in handy (and footy) quite often. It’s a smart move to move comfortably, and it’s a gift that those around you will always appreciate.

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