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The Homeless Care Package Shopping List

The Homeless Care Package Shopping List

As winter approaches in the United States, it's a critical time to think about those who are less fortunate and experiencing homelessness. The bitter cold and harsh conditions can make life on the streets incredibly challenging, if not downright dangerous. One way to make a positive impact is by assembling homeless care packages that cater to both winter and health and hygiene needs.

Homeless Care Packages for Winter Survival

Homeless care packages are a tangible expression of compassion and solidarity with the homeless community. These packages provide essential items to help individuals survive the winter months with dignity and comfort. The shopping list below contains some of the most-requested items at homeless shelters and outreach programs. 

The homeless care package shopping list: 

  1. Warm Clothing: Start with warm clothing items such as thermal socks, gloves, hats, scarves, base layers and long underwear, and insulated jackets. These items are crucial for staying warm in freezing temperatures.
  2. Clothing and underwear: Clean underwear and socks are among the most requested items at homeless shelters. Include basic clothing items that can be worn all year round, and layered in the winter like T-shirts, clean socks, underwear, jeans, sweatpants, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other basic clothing items. 
  3. Blankets: Include sturdy, insulated blankets to provide a layer of protection against the cold. Sleeping bags are also an excellent addition to keep individuals warm during the night.
  4. Health and Hygiene Essentials: It's crucial to address health and hygiene needs in homeless care packages. Consider including items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizers, and menstrual hygiene products.
  5. Basic Shelter: Ponchos, tents and tarps are a welcome addition to any cold weather care kit. Include anything that can keep the wind and weather at bay, even for just one night. It's amazing what a couple millimeters of polyester can do to keep someone warm and safe in the cold winter months.  
  6. First Aid Supplies: Basic first aid supplies like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and over-the-counter pain relievers can help address minor health issues.
  7. Backpacks and Duffle Bags: A nice big bag is a necessity for people who live in the streets. Many preassembled homeless care kits come already packed in backpacks for easy dispersal. 
  8. Information and Resources: Many homeless people don't have access to the internet and search engines. We suggest including a list of local shelters, food banks, churches and other resources for people in need. This information can be invaluable to someone looking to improve their circumstances.

Of course, there are many other items that can be included in homeless care packages, like dry food and candy, protein bars, water bottles, toilet paper, and other various household items that most of us take for granted. 


Where to Buy Supplies for Homeless Care Packages

Now that you have a shopping list, you may be wondering where to find supplies for homeless care packages. Look no further than Bags in Bulk! We have an unbeatable selection of individual care items in bulk, including

At Bags in Bulk, our preassembled homeless care kits are packed and ready for immediate donation! These kits come pre-packed in backpacks or string bags filled with the basic essentials that homeless people needs to stay warm and safe this winter, including winter hats, gloves, socks, hand warmers, and much more. Shop our selection of wholesale homeless care packages and save time, money, and lives this winter. 


Every item at Bags in Bulk is crafted specifically to provide homeless and less fortunate men, women, and young people with the comfort, care, and winter items they need to survive, stay safe, and remain healthy. Shop our selection of wholesale health and hygiene supplies and find out for yourself why Bags in Bulk is the brand trusted by more nonprofits, churches, and homeless shelters. 

As winter's chill sets in, the act of assembling and/or distributing homeless care packages can bring warmth and hope to those experiencing homelessness. These packages offer vital resources and a sense of dignity to individuals facing harsh conditions.

It has never been easier to make a difference in someone's life this winter. Your kindness can help light the way toward a brighter future for those in need.

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