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student taking test using bags in bulk study tips

Our Favorite Study Tips for High School and College Students

Test taking can be stressful for any student. As a teacher or administrator, you know first-hand how important it is for students to succeed. A little encouragement goes a long way to bolster a student’s confidence when it comes to taking a test or completing a project. Whether it be helping them organize notes before-hand, or highlighting key terms and concepts, you students will be in great hands with a few tips and suggestion on studying for school. We’ve detailed a few ways to help you students study with the help of wholesale school supplies.

Stay Organized and On-Task with Wholesale Folders

Wholesale Folders are a wonderful way to ensure that your students are organized and well prepared to begin studying. Succeeding in school doesn’t begin with studying for tests but with learning the importance of organization during the lead up to bigger exams or projects. Give a class on organization and demonstrate to students the correct way to label different folders in order to keep notes and homework in order. This will be a great help before any test. Instead of frantically rushing to find misplaced notes and review sheets, they’ll have everything they need right there in a folder.

Stay Notable with Wholesale Highlighters

While many teachers discourage the use of highlighters, many sources outline the advantages of implementing a highlighting structure into your note taking system. Show your students that while highlighters are exciting, they can help underline key terms within a student’s notes. Spend a preparatory class showing students how to color code notes using your supply of wholesale highlighters. When it comes time to study your students will waste no time identifying the important topics to review.

Start A Study Group and Share the Work

Encourage your students to break into groups of three or four to review the material before test, or to brainstorm ideas for projects or presentations. Letting your students collaborate will not only reinforce the subject matter, but allows for students to be social while studying. Pass around an interactive review sheet that students can fill out to help them get a firm grasp on the material. You can achieve the perfect balance between socializing and studying by allowing for five-minute intervals between stretches of review for drinks and bathroom breaks.

Expect the unexpected

In their haste to absorb all this material students may forget scrap paper or pencils at home. And while it is crucial to teach students the importance of preparedness, make sure you have a supply of bulk pencils and paper at the reader to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed in your classroom.

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