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Tools for Schools: A One Stop Shop for School Supply Kits

Tools for Schools: A One Stop Shop for School Supply Kits

Teachers Are Our Greatest Resource

“Teacher, I need another pencil.” “There aren’t enough rulers for all of us.” “We only have one red crayon left and Maya is using it!” How often do teachers hear these comments from their students, only to realize with dismay that unless they pay for school supplies out of their own pockets, there’s nothing they can do to help?


All teachers have lists of items they desperately need but, due to school budget cuts and strained resources, they can ill-afford to purchase for their classrooms. They need help, and they need it urgently. Teachers, classrooms, and districts nationwide need assistance with stocking the most basic of student items, such as rulers, crayons, pencils, glue sticks, folders, and scissors. Simply put, teachers, our most valued resources for education and student support are, in many ways, completely out of resources.


What Can Be Done?


Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and here at Bags in Bulk there’s definitely a way to help! We are the premier supplier of both bulk school supplies and wholesale school supply kits, at unbeatable prices. With just one click you can ship any teacher’s wish list of items directly to their classroom or the homes of their students, and make back to school season a lot less stressful. We offer a wide assortment of bulk rulers, scissors, pencil cases, pencils, pens, glue sticks, crayons, notebooks, folders, and other essential items students of all ages need to meet the requirements of any grade and tackle any challenge.


In some school districts, teachers and students may also require specific essentials that students need for both school and home. It’s not always possible for a teacher to supply a student with the essentials he or she will need once they leave their classrooms for the day, or when there is homework to complete. That’s why we are thrilled to now be able to offer 12-, 18-, 20-, 30-, and 45-piece wholesale school supply kits that contain the items all students need to be fully stocked for a year of learning, challenges, and academic advancement both in school and at home. There are even backpack and school supply kits pre-assembled in vibrant colors and sizes, which help ensure that all kids have absolutely everything they need to have a productive year, as well as a convenient and safe way to carry it all.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way


Every student has the right to a challenging education, but not every school or teacher can afford the tools necessary to provide one. With the simple donation of a pack of school essentials, parents, teachers, and entire school districts can better teach and guide the students in their care. It may not seem like much, but a gift of rulers or scissors can dramatically help fund after school craft programs, woodworking classes, math classes, art classes, and so much more. Pocket folders keep students and teachers on track, paper clips and staplers always keep students’ and teacher’s papers neat and organized, and we all know there is always a need for pencils.


 The impact one simple item can make is immeasurable, but so is the gratitude felt by districts in need when supplies are donated. Let’s work together to make sure every school, every student, and every teacher has the tools they need to succeed.

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