Help Others Stay Warm and Safe This Season With Fleece Blankets

Help Others Stay Warm and Safe This Season With Fleece Blankets

Do you remember playing outside in the winter, building snowmen, making snow angels than running inside before our getting frostbite to a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows? For most, winter is a time to be snuggled under the covers while watching the snowfall from the comfort of our window. But, for those without a home, the winter is a daily fight for survival. Give light during dark times by donating fleece blankets to those in need this upcoming season.


Donate To Local Shelters

There are thousands of homeless shelters throughout the US. One of the easiest ways to find local shelters is through your local newspaper or by searching on Due to many of these organizations being underfunded, some lack proper access to heat. Donating warm, Fleece Blankets are especially essential during the winter.


Donate To Local Churches

Many churches provide housing and supportive services to those who are homeless or local families in need of assistance free of charge. Contact the local churches in your community for more information on how to donate.


Donate To School Charity Drives

Many public schools host a winter charity drive to help low-income families and homeless citizens get through the cold nights. School charity drives are a great way to involve your children in local outreach and learn about the importance of charity and giving back.

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