Donations for Homeless Shelters Made Easy by Bags in Bulk

Donations for Homeless Shelters Made Easy by Bags in Bulk

While most of us try to be both giving and gracious all year long, our abundance of warmth and shelter are never easier to see than when the seasons change and the weather becomes cold. 

The autumn and winter rains, winds, and snow are hard enough to endure for those of us with adequate jackets, blankets, and clothing to take refuge in, but what do the people with no shelter do? Who is taking care of the homeless, under-privileged, and displaced people in our communities who don’t have access to the basic warm and dry items we take so much for granted? 

There’s an old saying that remarks, “If you want something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.” This is true of course in all things, but never more so than when it comes to providing a better quality of life for all people. Here at Bags in Bulk we believe that equal access to a quality of life begins with having equal access to quality products. 


Starting this year, Bags in Bulk is introducing a new line of warm and dry products to provide individuals in communities nationwide with the most important items they need to make it safely through fall and winter. We are now the premier wholesale rain jackets, bulk blankets, homeless sleeping bags and supplies for donation destination! With something for everyone, there’s no reason anyone should go without. 

Our wholesale rain ponchos are perfect for adults and teens, men or women, and they come in clear and 5 color assortments. Equipped with hoods to keep the rain off your head and chest, each set comes 200 to a case to ensure the maximum number of persons possible are helped with every order! Similarly, every order of our regular or deluxe sleeping bags provides a soft, warm, waterproof sleeping bag for homeless and displaced persons who need a shelter from the harsh winter elements. We also carry wholesale mylar emergency thermal space blankets that are packable and feather-light, making them perfect for all types of situations. 

With hurricane season hitting in record numbers just as winter approaches, there are sadly going to be a lot of charity organizations receiving an influx of people who have absolutely nothing left to their names, including entire families with nowhere else to go. Our hooded “homeless jacket sleeping bag” and regular roll out sleeping bags all come 20 bags per case, and each zip-tight sleeping bag comes in a repackable sack.

We also carry a line of waterproof sleeping bags that are comfortable to 30-degrees, wet or dry. Pair with our inflatable waterproof pillow, and you're ready to sleep in even the worst outdoor weather.  


Warm bedding and protection from the rain and snow are crucially important in helping people sleep warmly and safely, but so too are the every-day items that keep people healthy and protected. Bulk winter hats and gloves, as well as bulk scarves, bulk socks, hand warmers (which are also great as feet warmers, especially at night,) and even men’s underwear briefs are all items that homeless shelters, charity organizations, and community centers desperately need. It’s the items that get worn out with constant use, were hand-me-downs that didn’t fit properly to begin with, or are too expensive to replace, that are truly the number one most in-need items when the seasons change. 

With a wide assortment of wholesale cold weather gear for adults and children: beanie hats, gloves, scarves, hand warmers, and socks in bulk, there is no reason that any person, especially any family or child, should be cold this winter, or should not be able to protect themselves against the brutal winds, freezing rain, and snow that we all know is coming. Good thing we have waterproof sleeping bags and waterproof inflatable pillows for cold, wet weather.


During times like these when politics and a constant stream of negative news can make it feel like our country is more divided than ever, it’s important to remember that in the end we are all neighbors, all people, and all worthy of being treated with equal kindness, dignity, and respect. Every person of every age and race in every state deserves to feel safe, seen, and cared for. Don’t leave someone in your community out in the cold this winter when the simple gift of donation could wrap them in the warmth they so desperately need. 

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