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Donating Backpacks in Bulk to School Kids Provides for Their Future

Donating Backpacks in Bulk to School Kids Provides for Their Future

What’s your fondest memory of going back to school? Was it meeting your teachers, seeing your friends again, or just that overall, general excitement in the air? A big part of every kid’s excitement comes from showing off their brand new school supplies and awesome new backpacks.

Getting their new backpack for the first time is perhaps one of the most fun parts of getting ready go to back. Some school districts even devote an entire day before the calendar year begins again to back to school backpack drives and giveaways, to ensure that every kid gets to have this experience. 

Shopping for backpacks in bulk funds entire classrooms

Bags in Bulk has an unparalleled assortment of kids backpacks for every age and grade. Bulk character backpacks featuring colorful characters like smiling sharks, rainbow unicorns, and frolicking forest animals adorn bags for young kids, while larger bags with solid colors and unique patterns are great for older students.

young students walking to school wearing colorful backpacks

More than just their playful and interesting exteriors though is a variety of the best features that all students need, including bags with padded laptop sections, side water bottle pockets, multiple organizer pockets, padded straps, and reflective stripes to promote safety when walking anywhere, day or night. 

It's tax season: put your refunds to good use and help a school district

Every fun pack of back to school backpacks also has straps that are fully adjustable, so any student who undergoes a serious growth spurt has a bag that can grow with them comfortably and be used for the full school year without worry about outgrowing it or it ever feeling too tight on their shoulders. 

Bulk donations can help the school districts that need it most

Not every family or school district can afford to give their students everything they need to have a great and successful school year, and the simple gesture of giving a bundle of kids backpacks to students who might otherwise go without is one of the most profound and generous ways in invest in the future of your township, your children, and our world. Help give the gift of education to a school district near you. 

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