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Spread Joy: Donate Wholesale Winter and Outdoor Gear to the Homeless

Spread Joy: Donate Wholesale Winter and Outdoor Gear to the Homeless

As the weather begins to drop from the warm summer days to the harsh cold nights, many of us have already taken out our winter gear from the storage bin in our basements, but for others living on the streets, it’s a cruel reality. 

Before owning on the largest movie studios in the United States, Tyler Perry was homeless, living on the streets of Atlanta for 6 years. If it wasn’t for the heat in his car, would he have made it through the winter? What about the thousands of people without a car? Everyone deserves a second chance at survival and your organization can help get them there. 

Bulk winter hats could save lives this winter

This year, an average of 552,000 people experienced homelessness. Of the total, 67% were individuals, mainly youth under 25 and US Veterans, while 33% were families with small children.

The main cause of homelessness in the United States is the lack of income and housing affordability. With more than 40 million people living below the poverty line, many are just one paycheck away from losing their homes. Other causes include substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, and racial disparities.

Give the gift of warmth in bulk this holiday season

Although African Americans make up 13% of the US population, 40% experience homelessness at one point in their lives. The effects of long-standing discrimination perpetuate these disparities in the job market, housing, and other sectors. 

Tyler Perry was just under 24 years old when he experienced homelessness and states his life-changing moment was when he decided to serve and uplift others in his community. Fast-forward 26 years later, he is now worth over $600 million. If Perry could put forth the effort to help others without a dime to his name, your organization can too.

Donating camping gear in bulk helps people

Besides out of goodwill for humanity or tax deduction, giving back to the community is good for business. According to a Fortune study, Millennials are more likely to support a company they believe have an ethical importance of social responsibility. Companies also gain good PR and marketing associating their name with a charitable organization or cause. 

In addition, being charitable promotes good company culture. A recent survey found that 59% of job seekers were more likely to want to work for a company that gives to charity than a company that did not. It simply makes employees feel proud of the company they represent, which gives a direct impact on their work performance. 

Winter gloves and hygiene kits are the most requested items at homeless shelters

Although you may not be able to give every homeless person a home, there are other things that can be done to make their nights a little easier. 

Donating key winter essentials isn’t just to provide comfort, but in many cases, prevents death. Each year, about 1,330 people die of cold exposure, while others die of health-related illnesses that were developed due to lack of basic hygiene.

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, the items most needed for the winter include gloves, hats, warm blankets, and survival kits with hygienic products. Bags in Bulk carries all of these items and more. We even have wholesale waterproof cold weather sleeping bags and waterproof inflatable pillows for extreme weather, and a wholesale mylar emergency blanket to keep warm in any conditions. 

We want to help, that’s why all of these items can be found directly on our site at a fraction of the cost. Purchasing wholesale Knit Hats, wholesale Knit Gloves, wholesale Blankets, and wholesale Hygiene Kits are great, and cost-effective ways, of giving back to your community and those in need. 

Where to donate wholesale winter gear for homeless people

Not sure where to donate? The Homeless Shelter Directory provides all the information you need to find local shelters and churches throughout the United States.

Let’s spread a little joy by donating basic needs to help others survive this cold winter season. 

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