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Bags in Bulk Backpacks Online Special Bulletin: An Unprecedented Drop!

Bags in Bulk Backpacks Online Special Bulletin: An Unprecedented Drop!

Bags in Bulk has always been here for you, through hard time and great triumphs. We’ve watched children grow up and graduate in and from districts across the country, and have come to know so many of our Bags in Bulk friends personally.

We’ve also seen how the abrupt end to last school year affected so many, and so we’ve decided to do something extra special for every student, teacher, and parent across our whole amazing nation. We live here too, and we know that education is the most important gift anyone can give a child. 

Even though this past year was definitely different from the norm, we were absolutely awestruck by the sheer dedication we’ve seen displayed by students, educators, and families to keep kids on track and motivated. In fact, it’s what motivated us to do our part to make this next school year simply awesome. 

Our Best News Yet; Bulk Backpacks for Sale! 

We are proud to announce that from now through October 1st, we’ve slashed ALL prices of our bulk backpacks for school to be lower than ever! That’s right; every make and model, every color, and every set of wholesale backpacks and bookbags in bulk you see has already been significantly reduced. Yes, that even includes all of our wholesale backpacks with school supplies, wholesale clear backpacks with fun color trim, and even our drawstring backpacks in bulk. There are no exclusions, and no code required.

The prices listed have already been dramatically reduced for your convenience. Everyone nationwide now has total access to the best affordable wholesale backpacks offered anywhere, and together we can all help serve needy families and school districts across the country. 

Back to School 2020 USA

We must all work together to ensure that every student returns to school this fall with wholesale children’s backpacks and back to school supplies, they need to succeed. This year, we want to do more than ever before. We’ve been blessed to be able to stay strong through difficult times, and now we’re passing that blessing on to you. We want to make education accessible for every student in every town and district across the country. 

Back to school 2020 is going to happen, and it’s going to be amazing. Welcome back, everyone! 

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