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Clients & Testimonials

Here are just a few notes from the growing list of remarkable clients we have had the pleasure of working with with since our inception, as well as some of the amazing things they have to say about their experiences with us. We thank you all for continuing to choose Bags in Bulk as your premier wholesale destination. 

“With the great prices at Bags in Bulk, we were able to donate a backpack to every student at [our] school. That’s almost 900 students! It brought me to tears to see the relief in their parents’ eyes, and the excitement from the students as they picked everything out.” – Maria

“Thanks to your awesome deals, we’ve been providing book bags and school supplies to kids for the past 4 years! The different color and size choices have given us the flexibility to provide for children of all ages.” – Tynisa

“We purchased 50 drawstring bags to assemble a gift for the homeless in [our] area. We were very pleased with the quality of the bags and the excellent customer service for such a reasonable price!” – Jane

“Bags in Bulk made it so easy to be a hero to kids because they have so many fabulous color choices in backpacks and school supply items. Their variety (and excellent pricing) make it easy! Thank you so much for being our go to backpack company.”   – Maxyne

“Thank you for everything you do to provide a quality bag and timely service for delivery.” – Lafayette

“Thank you BAGS IN BULK for supplying quality products!”       – Audrey